Me + Hasan Dagi
Me + Hasan Dagi

Hasan Dagi, 3268m, is the second highest mountain in Central Anatolia.
It stands out significantly and can be seen from very far away (like 100km). In fact, the whole previous day when I cycled towards Hasan I could see it and it looked magnificent and intimidating.
Usually when I climb a mountain on this trip I would use a guest house. It's easier to store the luggage and get a good rest. This time however I would camp on the foot of the mountain. I found a beautiful camping spot. It was raining a little bit though. Unfortunately I couldn't find a flat surface to put my tent and had to sleep on an incline which let to a rough night.
Next morning decided to let the tent stand where it was, slightly hidden from the main path, and hide my panniers in some bushes nearby. I'd use the bike to cycle further uphill. I camped at about 1500m and cycled for about 5km / 500hm. I didn't feel great but had no doubt that I could make it to the top. I hid the bike behind some boulders. When I locked the bike I noticed that my rim was broken, a serious problem I'd have to deal with after climbing Hasan. It really worried me though and negatively affected my mood on the mountain.

As planned I continued my ascent by foot.The terrain was steep with lots of rocks and boulders for the next 4km and 600hm. It was easy to walk and navigate. At about 2600hm the snow started. The route was going around the mountain but I decided to climb straight up the snowy flank in front of me. It was very tough going up the steep slope through the deep snow. I felt tired and exhausted and took a lot of short breaks.
Eventually I reached the crater ring of the volcano. I still had to circumvent the ring and scramble over some rocks to reach the peak but it is easy when you already see the goal in front of you.
The views from the top where spectacular, lots of volcanoes and craters. As I stood on the highest mountain around I could see very far too.
I reached the peak around noon and haven't seen another person the whole day. It was a beautiful but I need to make sure to be better rested before tackling the upcoming higher mountains. I can also feel that I gain a lot of experience with every mountain that I am cycling to and attempt to climb. It's a very different approach, from planning to execution, to what I am used to in the Alps. But I am getting the hang of it. I really love doing this with all the pleasures and challenges that come with.