Mountain gear

There are no outdoor shops or rental places in central asia. Hence I have to bring my own gear (or have it send to me somewhere along the route; I have yet to make the final call on that).

Due to limited storage space I cannot bring everything needed for really technical mountains but only some basic equipment that should help me climb mountains like Pik Lenin, Damarvand and Ararat.

There are outdoor shops in the Caucasus mountains and if the conditions are good I should be able to hire a guide and some additional gear (eg. a rope).

Meindl Jorasse boots. I have used them a few times in the alps last year (with rental crampons). Very happy with these boots.

Crampons from AustriaAlpin, 12 spikes and anti stoll plates. Colour does not match but other than that I cannot wait to use them for the first time.

Ice axe, 70cm.