Sleeping Bag

I got myself an awesome sleeping bag from the polish company Cumulus: The Panyam 600 (extra long) with hydrophobic down feathers and endurance shell.

After 25 nights outside (May 22nd) I couldn't be happier with choice. The sleeping bag is still like new and while my David (who cycled with me the first 6 weeks) was cold a lot in the cold nights in eastern Europe I've had no such struggles.

Sleeping Mat

The Therm-a-rest All Season air matress is what I chose to be sleeping on. It is a bit bigger than otehr models but offers more comfort.


I got a light 1,5 person tent from Ferrino. It's very light (1.3kg) and packs very small. It offers enough place for myself and my bags. I've only tested in the warm weather in South Africa, hopefully it will stand the expected cold and rainy weather in eastern Europe.

Cooking System

My cooker of the choice is the Primus Omnilite Ti. I have tested it several times while trekking in Africa using gas canisters and petrol. It's very light, robust, efficient and works wit almost any kind of fuel.

Additionally I have a cheap and old screw on burner for gas canisters that I used many times while hiking in the Alps.